the awareness of our inner strength
The Awareness of Our Inner Strength: Knowledge is power when it is applied; to know and wisely use our divine gifts will increasingly be of great importance and impact within our society. Thanks to the revelation which teaches us that the Father's Spirit can work in and through us.

The Awareness of Our Inner Strength in Our Spiritual Tools   Recently updated !

You May Not Compel Men to Love the Truth
You may not compel men to love the truth... Then... Why is it you feel so compelled that they should believe the way you do? What is it in your nature that you are more so than not seeking uniformity of belief--all around you should believe exactly the way you believe?

You May Not Compel Men to Love the Truth…   Recently updated !

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So many in poorer countries and nations are crying out for this revelation of Truth. Getting The Urantia Book--The Fifth Epochal Revelation is life-changing for each and every one of our Paradise Father's children, who otherwise cannot afford to buy a book.

Help Us Get Urantia Books to Those Who Need Them!

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All beliefs must be abandoned? --The majority of unthinking--unquestioning individuals on this backward and within this primitive civilization of upright standing, two-legged human animals--are caught up in either directly participating in or indirectly (by proxy) supporting...violence...

All Beliefs Must Be Abandoned?

Mato Grosso Cuiabá
Vania's Wonderful Story: Some time ago I was talking with a friend and told her about The Urantia Book, its Revelation to this planet and Mission of uplifting human civilization.

Vania’s Wonderful Story of Perseverance

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We are currently seeing a an evident, growing transformation of the sons and daughters of God on Urantia. This transformation needs to be balanced with the cosmic wisdom of the Urantia Revelation.

Open Letter to The Urantia Foundation

Wonderful things are happening featured
Wonderful Things Are Happening: Today I come here to share with you all some of the success that this project to share the revelation for free is responsible for causing. Firstly I would like to remind you...

Wonderful Things Are Happening!

Love is the Highest Reality header-min-min
In the human personality--life-acts and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, as well as in the divine personality of our Creator Son, Michael, our Sovereign Ruler of the Local Universe of Nebadon, we observe the highest mortal attainment possible consciousness...where love is the highest reality of personality--true character--manifestation to one's fellow human beings...

Love is the Highest Reality

In Partnership with God...5-min
The "willingness to share our experiential knowledge and truth" with our fellow beings is equivalent to unselfish service--love... Freely we receive...freely give... This is what Jesus, our brother--Michael of Nebadon--our Creator Father revealed in his life on Urantia...the revelation of our Paradise Father's...true character... And it is when you truly--spiritually see this revealed is easy to fall in love with our Paradise Father...

In Partnership with God or…?

Words Get in the Way
As I have watched my own understanding deepen over the decades and consciousness ascending to new levels of insight, I am ever aware that there are always...

Words Get in the Way…or Not…

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